Stefano Loiacono was born in 1978 in Bari, Italy.  

He moved to Padova in 1996 where he attended University and obtained a Master Degree in Psychology in 2003. He relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2007 where he started exhibiting his paintings in non-conventional venues such as disused office buildings (Pink Art Experiment in 2012, 3CH0 at Kulter in 2013) or clubs like Paradiso (Shugar, 2013). He is currently based in Berlin, Germany. 

His first solo show (All is Fair, Expost Moderno, 2017) was part of a urban requalification project for an abandoned Open-Air cinema in his hometown.

Deriving inspiration from the compositional style of mosaics, murals and stained glass windows, my paintings combine colours into an aggregation of organic shapes.
In order to grant a specific definition to each element of the illustration, the acrylic paint is applied in a planar and even way.

The initiating point for the subjects is my original poetry which investigates the intersection between the intimate and the political, the private and common occurrences caused by public restrictions.

The canvases are finally left unstretched, with the intention to allow for a variety of presentations, from installations to theatrical sets, and the prospect of collaborating with other artists, namely musicians, actors and dancers, that permit additional experimentation with different media to create a Gesamtkunstwerk, as unique as the interaction between its agents.