(Script from the video, part of 'All is Fair' Performance, 2015.)

The stranger cannot pass

holy need to possess
It’s all mine
by a right
for which I never had to fight.


The people in black

march the sea in spite of death

with no dignity
or shame
Not every life is worth the same.


Their job is to steal yours

when it rains it pours
lock the wives inside the house

every pussy loves a mouse.


Muscle arms, bigger mouth

fear eats the heart out

someone else
always ruins my plans.

I want you to stay with me

sign the contract
here and now
as if the future can never be. 


They say it’s a leap of faith
to share it all together
I say it’s a daily walk

towards the heaven.

4 times a day, 1 message
more news yet to follow
bitter pill for your good
close your eyes
simply swallow.

But I hopped on the bus, for the train

to fly away
from the pain
never forgetting my own name

not one soul should ever
let the light come to pass
place of birth can’t command

where your fate is gonna end.

So my love just begins
in the arms of another

foreign land is my mother
walls alone don’t make a home.


And I want you to be with me
fix some food for the road
set the fire against the cold
as if the winter can never be


they say it’s a leap of faith
to have peace on earth
I say here my brother
please come forth.