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Deriving inspiration from the compositional style of murals, graffiti, mosaics and stained glass windows, my paintings combine colours into an aggregation of organic shapes.

With the specific goal to maintain the original malleability of the canvas, the paint is directly applied to the textile, avoiding the use of any primer.

Each canvas is finally left untethered, for the intention is to expand the possibility for painting to be presented in different and various settings, ranging from installations to performances, while keeping open the prospect of experimenting with additional media, as well as collaborations with other visual artists, musicians and dancers.

Stefano Loiacono was born in 1978 in Bari, Italy.  

He moved to Padova in 1996 where he attended University and obtained a Master Degree in Psychology in 2003. He relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2007 where he started exhibiting his paintings in non-conventional venues such as disused office buildings (Pink Art Experiment in 2012, 3CH0 at Kulter in 2013) or clubs like Paradiso (Shugar, 2013). He is currently based in Berlin, Germany. 

His first solo show (All is Fair, Expost Moderno, 2017) was part of a urban requalification project for an abandoned open-air cinema in his hometown.

Stefano Loiacono
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