All is fair

(Script from Soundscape, part of 'All is Fair' Performance, 2015.)

Everybody knows where it goes

when I pull your hair with my teeth

can’t chew away, have to admit defeat

raise the hands up to get close

I suppose once and for all
no lesson down here be learned

there’s a million skins and 1 voice never heard

a torrent you’re not allowed to install

The lies I am told, I want to hear

 left leads to right ‘till next losing battle

 the throne is just a bumping saddle

while power burps out some fear

if conquest means possession

the flag lands into the water

for that’s the core of the matter

 I flow inside you like an infection

and you can choose to burn with fever

let my seed sink in deeper
spit and sweat shaping river
a full conversion to believer

or conduct a raid, a sudden bloodshed

burn the house with a bombing

leave the country by the morning

walking out without turning your head

either way the damage is done

the island looks at the sea around

as a courage that’s newly found

to gaze back up at the sun

there’s no it would be best to

 for the sake of our freedom

nor obedience to the kingdom

to still the beat in the chest

no terror alert or news feed

market crash and crime rate

stop you from meeting fate

happiness the ultimate luxury need.

Entering the land of another
can be done with tongue and a thumb

jerking the pain ‘till it’s numb
like sucking the breast of a mother

you might force the access by surprise

tear the walls ignoring the cries

never mind if the protests arise

only domination gets the prize

claim advanced technology

slicker methods of persuasion

 you’re on top of innovation

imposing culture as democracy

but when the hand is spread open wide

it feels as much as caresses

doubling the realm of the senses

forgetting who’s on which side

and certainly it is confusing
to meet your eyes in another face

beyond all gender and race

which name to give to this embrace.