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‘Sass’ is a body of work that engages with the most recent history of representation of queer identity and desire by directly referencing a selection of images produced by critically acclaimed, gay male artists that have been particularly influential for the LGBTQ+ culture, especially in Europe and North America.


As a result, the vigorous body of a police officer or the tough posturing of a skinhead, is undermined and sabotaged by a colorful palette, usually associated with a feminine quality.

The goal is to shed a light on a series of qualms: is it liberation when the costumes of the oppressor are worn by the oppressed? Is masculinity threatened or reinforced by fetishizing the figure of the policeman, the skinhead or the scally lad? Are fascist ideals and emblems ‘queered up’ or simply reproduced and ultimately, assimilated in the LGBTQ+ culture?

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