(Script from 'Singular' Performance, 2017.)


/// 1

Meeting people
millions of persons
each day
ignored encounters
denial of presence
as if you open the door
it's only inundation and congestion.

Youthful is the quest of the eye

voracious reading of tales and signs

but it's possibly hunger of love
and will to turn anywhere
into the crossroad of destiny.

Slowly walking
is only a Sunday morning

when the bed gets hard

and the air
an attainable caress.

Yet the way does not end

even at destination
and this applies equally

to millions of persons.

/// 2

Sliding in film
danger descends in the alley
but it's only a cat's shadow
and you can always change the channel

'till tomorrow evening
when body delegates to others

the complex life
of words to say

of love in photographs

and videos of friends

to remember the action.

The fear of the other

is news at lunch

breakfast and dinner

now on the phone

with a finger slides
the film
but it's a tiny skin shadow
on a screen that's even smaller.

/// 3

The image speaks

as softly as it may

although bras
can stop the cars.

They sum up to the voices

broken by conversations

that we cannot access

like a lonely patron in a bar

that is there to answer
all the questions never asked

and the rare interest
water in the desert.

The image also
to the lines kneeling on wood

and the churches know well

of the face with open arms

and hands like wings
for the ones that hang
at each station.

/// 4

It seems that the ability
to represent with eyes closed

a desired world
gets replaced.

More days already spent

more probable that fantasy

appeals to dread
in representation

as if experience could dictate

a script of statistics
omitting the research
of the shaping of reality.

Swapped Cinderella
by a bust and collaterals

narrative in announcements

to deaden maturity.

/// 5

A statue designed
for commitment given
by a dedicated government

mounting fate

while the fight happens

among fruit markets
and shares are theft
ahead and behind counters.

Hand in pockets and on scales

counting the weight of saving

for a day that always is to come

most expected and invited.

And the wax of an apple

shines extreme
warding off the wings
of the undesired.

/// 6

The blazon appears steady

be the door opened or closed

or wind moving the grains
of a price to confirm.

A reminder of a legend
that few have seen
and for everyone else to recover

in the calendar of the ordinary

to which you don't belong

by strain or waiver
but birth and entail
can confirm.

That the ones who spare
do not possess time
to look at the offenses
of whom states being chosen.



/// 1

Yet any color
is carrying light
key to assault
a code already cracked

for written words
with elementary didactics

enslave the eyes
and prevent to find

guide among the lines

serpent and owl
suited to sing
and enamor by betrayal

swearing that verses

in rhyme or prose

are game or agony

unable to inform.

/// 2

Each office has frontiers

papers to access

modules to pass
and specific language

terms to respect

escalators in circles

to always return
to the starting point.

One can realize
in a swift moment
being in a foreign land

with eternally expiring visa

it does not matter the contract

the marks are moving
and staying professional

means taking steps.

/// 3

Fluctuating sentiment
of constant inadequacy

the expert adopts a face

as implicit statement

of a house with six rooms

and revitalizing bath
where the day is not lost
between indecision and crossed arms.

An imposed suggestion
and call for help
because there's always to find

provisional incapacity.

The wine list
only falls
in the hands capable
of choosing for another.

/// 4

Promotional the intent
content and intervention
so evident
that it disappears in the moment

of truly thinking

to the deep heart

of desire
to be and to have

what finally allows

without hidden sections

nor interest rates
a permanent happiness

visible at first wash

of a limping past

intoxicating mixture

at each little sip.

/// 5

Smiling abandonment

and release imminent

endorphin designed

by a dreaming life

a warrant of success
that distinguishes the great man

from the dotted average

in a complex calculation.

Money back guaranteed

important is to keep
the rates flowing
the consensual chain

of a scale of values
where the bottom clearly is

a mass of persons
known by all as people.

/// 6

As imitation of Christ
with convulsive effort

equal incomprehension

to the prayer of Father

that abandons knowingly.

The acceptance of fate

could be other
than event already told

rather a heart

complete in its state.

And it's not declaration of independence

affirmation in the absence
barrier for the difference
or riches in possession

against poverty in abundance

it's hand of a child
on immaculate white paper

where fluid stroke descends

in outright gesture
as blessed with wonder.

A purity of intent
not guilty by innocence
strong instead with consciousness

of true voice of essence

present in same amount

in millions of persons

hidden by fright
of always appearing inferior

covered with words

pasted with shame

confused by vigour

of spread belief.



/// 1

The most beautiful thing is

that everybody knows

being surrounded
threat repeated

each thirty seconds

and you can see the wigs

know the cause
ignoring the effects
too much time spent

at the arrival gate.

Thickest catastrophe

inside as crumbles
of divided bread

stopping each motion

of expansion to heights

or whatever else
that it's the same thing

same pole of attraction

rejected by multiple trial

exclusive field plowed

by much subjection.

But the voice stays in belly

tight knot of caution
blocks years 'till the point
of surrender and depression.

Master or slave of my body

the only decision.

/// 2

Because fear
is a hook thin
like those for fishing

death the bait

and we eat it often

tip looks like sail

therefore attracts

each time, always.

I believe you wonder
if trout had hands
food would be guaranteed

anywhere in the sea.

And we have arms
even and feet
but even without
you would rip your mouth

in order to speak

dance and paint

devouring the morsel

leaving trails of blood

that are road to wander

mark for the next one

calmly following

towards any aim.

/// 3

The afterthought appears

ghost at the corner
does not keep in mind

the path travelled.

You can scheme the passage

imagining all details
but mistake is unwanted guest

with a plate reserved

and a chair and a glass

the arrival is certain

the greeting a conflict

the bond unbreakable

a family you belong to

name always remains

even when you choose art

to choose life.

/// 4

You cannot hide the error

there are not enough rooms

neither layers of colors
to cover disgrace.

If the intention is good
the course of the brush
gives eyes when you wanted hands

fragments of clouds

keepsake of the journey

by insecure feet

undecided rotation

pregnant with thought

and time contains
the step backwards bending forward

the lie lives in the moment
unique of the present.

/// 5

Association and identity

diamonds of promise

pressed on the finger

flag on the portal.

Passport that announces

security of blood

undisputed loyalty
to chosen bride.

In natural state
no stone fits
the head of the ring

conquest is model.

It shines after polishing

elimination by friction

acceptance after loss
of impurity and agitation.

/// 6

The cut ensures the value

dazed by richness
certified response
of astonishment and salvation

coinage of currency
valid for one nation only

where everybody is admitted

after accurate selection.

A race to hide and seek

burying the loot
a stowaway
from a nearby state

that is not the same

immediately rejected
viral cell
and danger at the entrance.



/// 1

Who determines evil

changes clothes

following fashion
and change of season.

A white collar
on workman's suit
a fun tone
on a sergeant's coat

to jumble the incoming

of remaining stock

centuries old

with novel frills.

Out the sickle of farmer

military style is back

without shoulder pads

but hammer in cuffs.

/// 2

Courage is needed

pink as salmon
to roll the stream

towards birth

recognizing the only voice

to reach anew
like the first time
cry of origin.

Feet in the air

unleashed navel

confront the doctor
or assigned profession

remembering vocation

neglected by association
and necessity of love
by compromise and condition.

/// 3

What is the point
of assimilation by disguise
if not concern and suffocation

and hunger of consent.

The scale dances

between stamped copy

and denied inspiration

with a pat on the back.

The only possibility

rests in the free gesture

whole number
sincere rarity

risking humiliation
for knowledge lacking

or worse violence

mother of all scorn.

/// 4

The unique being
is each being
maybe that's the issue

for each president

that deletes the office
of the previous term
because today progress
is not distinguished from regress

for seeking for gold
in the eras of past

keeps immovable
the passing of primacy

white the man
male and straight
no concession
at the feet of the altar.

/// 5

Economy trickles down

falling in the same centre

intent on building walls

to avoid the spreading

of alternative possibilities

that without regulation

solely the market
and its gatekeepers.

All others suffice to have

everything for free

continuous communication

in the advertising space

voluntary army

of virtual representatives

robots ascertain
who is the most popular.

/// 6

Baptism can be held in fire

drinking the ashes of habits

chains of entertainment
in the global stable.

Communion does not imply

eating each other out

incorporating defeated body

a show of force.

Matrimony always to celebrate

when awe is encountered
of grace in the world
a limitless banquet

and funeral a ball
if dead is the millstone

placed on chest
to drown the singular song.